Lock from the outside: Locking the door from the outside is the wisest approach to avoid house lockouts. Locking the door from the outside means, you have to physically lock it with the help of keys after you move out and close it. This is in contrast to the usual drill that includes locking the doorknob from the push-button present on the inside and then slam the door on your back on the way out. This has no way of confirming that you have the key or not. The possibility is, you forgot the key inside the house on the key holder, hanging peacefully.

Hide a spare key: Having a spare key hidden outside your house is an excellent backup plan in case you forget the keys to the door inside and are now locked outside. This is a very cheeky play but is an important security measure, although it can also prove to be a double-edged sword because if you are not so careful and conscious regarding the visibility or proximity of the key and its hiding place, you won’t be the only one who can have access to the key then. We recommend hiding the spare key at the corner of your garden where it is not so prone to getting clawed or hiding it in the hanging lamp that is out of reach and can only be reached by a bit of parkour maneuvering. Or you can have better options to hide if you carefully look around at your surroundings.

Checking keys in your pocket: The simplest and easiest approach is to double-check the keys before leaving the house, so you always have access to your own residence. This is the most simple hack; in fact, it isn’t even a hack. Always check your pockets or hand-carry bags to confirm the presence of the keys. The keys to your residence.

Have a duplicate stay safe with your friend or family: You can trust your direct relatives to never let you down when it comes to the security and integrity of you and your belongings. It is a nice option to give your family members a duplicate key to your residence to avoid house lockouts. If you have faithful friends, then you can share a key with them too, so in worst-case scenarios, you can always reach out to them and get the key back.

Contact a reliable locksmith: You should always have a locksmith with whom you are familiar with so in case you get locked out at night you can always the Texas emergency lockout service from them. Having a locksmith you are friends with will reduce the risk of getting scammed given you will probably be panicked out.

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