The Benefits of Keyless Door Locks

One of the main priorities when it comes to your house, or work, should be security. It’s essential to keep offices secure especially if your company holds sensitive and vital data. Therefore, modern companies accentuate safety. As a result, many business venues have electronic locks since they are a great investment. Besides they provide maximum security they also offer a better and safer environment for both employees and visitors. The same goes for homes since the benefits of keyless door locks are numerous. Especially if you keep all of your money and valuables there. So, if you still have traditional locks and want to boost security and safety, it might be better to get keyless door locks, even if you aren’t aware of the advantages.

Please read the following article if you’re considering getting a keyless door lock system and want to know about the benefits before making the final decision.

Keyless Door Locks Systems


How Keyless Door Locks Work

Keyless entry works on a principle that lets authorized individuals enter without owning a physical key. Instead, an electronic device controls the entry. The most usual system requires a magnetic or electronic mechanism, also a card reader or a sensor, and an authorized personal credential for each user (to authenticate the individual’s identity).


Without a doubt, one of the greatest benefits of keyless door locks is that they provide maximum security. That is essential to ensure the safety of both the employees and your possessions. Advanced security is one of the main perks, especially when compared to traditional locks.

Keyless entry will require every user to have a unique, personalized credential to enter the building.

Furthermore, traditional keys have many downsides that keyless entry systems eliminate. Firstly, it’s very easy to lose a traditional key which and happens often. Secondly, they can be copied easily. Thirdly, traditional locks are easy to break when it comes to thieves. Finally, traditional systems are outdated

Easy Management

Traditional door locks are pretty complicated when compared to keyless door locks. For instance, every time an employee leaves the firm, you’ll have to change locks to avoid risks. Keyless locks are equally important for households. Let’s say you’ve just experienced a divorce. So, you’ll need to change your entire lock system. With keyless door locks, you can reconfigure the entire system without removing it. Everything is available online, so it makes it very easy to remove or add a certain individual and revoke the credentials.

Keyless Lock System Concept


Keyless door locks come with cloud management systems that allow remote access. That’s extremely useful for businesses with multiple locations. The chosen admins can make adjustments to schedules and unlock or lock the door without being physically present.

Again, mechanical keys can be copied, stolen, or lost. That increases the chances for further complications.

There are different keyless lock systems. While some offer built-in access control features, others provide upgrades and integrations with existing systems. Depending on your lock system, you can choose between a variety of types of systems.

Data Insight

Owning a traditional lock system doesn’t offer any relevant data insight meaning you really don’t know who opened the door, when, and why except owning a video surveillance system. But, keyless lock systems have encrypted communication built-in that allow you to authenticate credentials making it easy to track all entry activity. Another key point it’s essential to have better data insight are auditing the system frequently, responding to security threats, and responding to emergencies.


Convenience is another important benefit of owning a keyless lock system. For instance, it’s way easier to control entrance remote than managing with traditional keys. Nevertheless, electronic door locks are extremely easy to install and operate. Also, in some cases, keyless lock systems run on batteries. That eliminates the cost of and trouble of routing wiring while preventing issues related to power failures. Furthermore, these batteries ensure you’ll never stay locked in or out. However, we must mention that other electronic keyless lock systems come with additional mechanical locks for added convenience.

Also, some types of keyless locking systems come with mechanical pushbuttons without relying on batteries. Here, users can access by entering a universal code, which is easy to manage but lacks versatility.

Electronic Keyless Door Locks


If you choose keyless lock systems, you’ll most likely save up a lot of time and money. In other words, the costs of rekeying your traditional lock systems every now and then can add up and represent a pretty large amount of money. Furthermore, when it comes to traditional locks, it can be quite hard to keep track of the whole organization aspect, taking away time and money that can be put to a better cause.


Refined styling is also another great perk of owning a keyless locking system, especially in the visual aspect. Most electronic door locks with an attractive design and package are extremely durable. They also have multiple layers of protection. Additionally, these modern locking systems protect from the weather too.

The frequent use of touchscreen interfaces undoubtedly contributed to the design standards offering more than elegant aesthetics looking like modern devices (smartphones and tablets).

When you are considering upgrading your locking system to keyless, make sure to check out all available options. Take into consideration that some doors and locks are suited for indoors, while others for outdoors, depending on the dimensions, the number of rooms, and position of your firm or household, and can easily function in any weather.

Before you decide to choose a keyless door locking system, make sure to explore all available options. Also, choose the best suited to your criteria and your budget. Additionally, hire a reputable commercial locksmith that puts the client’s needs first. We hope we’ve helped you with provided info about the benefits of keyless door locks. Contact Locksmith Now Dallas for any help with your residential or business security.

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