Master Re-key System


Are you carrying 10 different keys in your pocket? They are bulky and frankly you don’t even know what opens what at this point. Not to worry the team at Locksmith Now can offer some great solutions, one being we can rekey any lock and every lock to match a master key.
Upon arrival a Locksmith Now technician will do an inspection of your locks to ensure that they are utilizing the same keyway, he will proceed to disassemble each lock and begin working in his “mini lab”, that each Locksmith Now technician has in his car. He will be take apart the pins, tumblers and springs. They will clean and lubricate the mechanism so it works smoothly. Your technician will cut a new unique key will match all of your locks to that particular key. Using a laser cut machine he will make you several copies of your new master key. You will have one key for all of your locks and complete control


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Consultations, scheduled appointments, emergencies…Locksmith Now  has you covered! Locksmith Now was created to bring fast, reliable and top of the line locksmith services to the DFW Metroplex. Locally owned and operated, licensed, bonded and insured we have the knowledge and experience to get the job done. From car lockouts, commercial installations, house rekey or replacing your car’s key fob, we offer a large selection of onsite expert services.

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