Emergency Lockout

Emergency Lockout

Emergency Lockout your keys in your car?  Don’t damage your car, call upon our professional technicians to get your car open quickly and safely. 

We can unlock any model of any car so you can continue with your day. Our experts can also make you a car key, the same quality that you would receive by going to the dealership, on the spot.  Upon arrival to the site our technician will use your vehicle’s VIN number and purchase a key code for your vehicle. We will then match a new key to your lock. Using our laser cutting machine, we will cut the key expertly customized to your car.  The next step is to test the key in the door locks and the ignition.

Once the key works correctly we will start programming it to the car.  90% of the cars in the market use a chip key, that chip needs to be programmed or the car won’t start, we have all of the tools to create what you need.  If you already have one key and you are looking to make a spare, we can help.  No matter what the issue we can figure out. Perhaps your vehicle requires a pin code, or you need to replace the ignition, we will find a way to get the job done. We are trained to help with any type of car or system. 

Locksmith Now Emergency Lockout

There are three different types Immobilizer systems (state of the art anti-theft systems):
EPRON, VATS, and Transponder.
The EPRON VATS requires a reflash that means we have to remove the computer from the car along with the motherboard and reflash the board to match to new key .
The VATS system (Vehicle Anti-Theft System ) is also known as PASS-Key or Personal Automotive Security System. Each key has a resistor embedded in the blade, and each resistor has 1 of 15 possible resistance values. While this system is more common on older model cars or specialty cars (Corvette for example) we are able to help.
The Transponder is an electronic security device fitted to an automobile that prevents the engine from running unless the correct transponder car key is used. This prevents the car from being “hot wired” and stolen.  We are able to customize to ensure your car is safe and you have a piece of mind.
Our technicians carry top of the line equipment and come equipped with a powerful BCM computer so we can complete any job in no time. 

You don’t want to be stuck without a key or a way to get into your car, so call today we will be there in a hurry!

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Consultations, scheduled appointments, emergencies…Locksmith Now  has you covered! Locksmith Now was created to bring fast, reliable and top of the line locksmith services to the DFW Metroplex. Locally owned and operated, licensed, bonded and insured we have the knowledge and experience to get the job done. From car lockouts, commercial installations, house rekey or replacing your car’s key fob, we offer a large selection of onsite expert services.

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