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When it comes to choosing high security and commercial locks, you must ask yourself, what makes a lock highly secure?

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When it comes to choosing high security and commercial locks, you must ask yourself, what makes a lock highly secure?

We use locks to protect what we value most and when it comes to your business, using the right type of commercial lock is crucial.  You work hard and you want your lock to work just as hard. as you do  When installing high security commercial locks we use a variety of high- security and heavy- duty locks, ranging from 1st to 3rd grade for ultimate protection.

We use only the highest quality of locks, these locks are tested and can withstand over 800,000 times of opening and closing cycles and several strikes of 75 pounds of force, making them the right choice for your business.

Most locks are coated with heavy steal, anti-drilling material, equipped with a bump key prevention technology and are pick proof.

All of these built in features attribute to make breaking-in as difficult and time consuming as possible.  With the right locks and correct installation, most thieves will just give up.  That is why you need to choose a professional to get the job done right.

In addition, high security locks use a different methodology and technology to prevent a break-in.  They usually require presenting a special security key card to prevent duplication and unauthorized users from gaining access.  These keys are impossible to duplicate and without the right key it is nearly impossible to break in without taking drastic measures and creating massive damage to the lock and the door.

Commercial levers differ from regular locks in that they come with 6 to 8 pins inside they cylinder and in many instances with an interchangeable core (I/C core).  This reduces the possibility of lock picking.  The use of commercial levers is very popular in office buildings due to their modern look and high security rating.

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Another type of commercial locks that we frequently use are Mortise locks.  They are commonly used on store fronts, aluminum or metal doors.  Mortise lock vary from medium security, to the more advanced locks such as Multi-locks Systems and I/C core. 

there are a variety of high security locks on the market today, what you choose depends on your specific needs. We are able to re-key, install or fix your Mortise locks.  Some city ordinances require an inside Mortise indicator in order to be up to code, we are able to install that as well.  It is also possible to re-key Mortise locks to a master key system which allows more than one key to operate the lock, in turn you are able to control the amount of security for each lock (denying and allowing access to certain doors).  For an upgraded level of security many of our customers choose to install a Detex Security System with an inside panic bar or trim lever. We are able to give you a range of options when it comes to your Mortise locks to make your business as secure as possible.

One of the most popular high security locks on the market are the Medeco locks. Using angle key cut keys, they utilize the elevation and rotation of specially designed pin tumblers which in turn creates millions of different key combinations.   When choosing Medeco you are choosing one of the toughest locks out there, it’s ability to withstand virtually all methods one may use to break-in places Medeco at the top of its game, and a top choice for many business owners.

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