Car Locksmith Tips: Avoiding Car Lockout

Nowadays, we live in a hectic world, in which we are constantly in a hurry to get somewhere and finish something. It makes us prone to making mistakes, such as forgetting our keys inside our car, for example. In that way, what has previously been a perfect vehicle becomes an obstacle we must resolve immediately. It is easy to become frustrated, annoyed, and out of our minds, especially if we left kids or pets inside the car. Whichever the case is, it is always imperative to remain calm. First, take a deep breath, then approach the situation. After all, you are only a phone call away from a reliable locksmith service. Here we offer tips on avoiding car lockout and the entire problem at all.

A man has forgotten keys inside the car


Make it a habit to put your keys inside a pocket or your purse

A good habit is truly a wonderful thing. It is a powerful tool that will help us with avoiding car lockout most efficiently. When you stop the car and want to get out of it, make it a habit to put your keys inside your pocket. It will help you if you are in a hurry or when your mind wanders off. You will end up doing this automatically, and most importantly, you will decrease the risk of a car lockout to a bare minimum.

Use a colorful, bulky, keychain for your keys

Another way to avoid car lockout is to put the car keys on a colorful, bulky keychain. It will make your car keys more noticeable, for one thing. It will be easier for you to spot them and grab them. The keychain should be bulky as you want to hear it as it drops down to the floor. It’s a simple yet effective way to let you know that your car keys have fallen to the floor.

A girl is holding a bulky key fob


Have a spare key

Always have copies of your car keys. When you purchased your car, you most likely even got the spare keys together with the original ones. But, if this is not the case, you can make a copy of your keys. Copying car keys doesn’t take much time, and it’s cheap. So, there is no reason why you should not make a few copies of your car keys. You can give one set of keys to a person you trust. For instance, to a family member or a close friend. Some people use magnetic plates to place a key outside the car. But this is not a completely safe option, as thieves are familiar with it. Finally, you should have one copy at your home. This way, you know you will find it day and night.

Have your lock and your key maintained every once in a while

You can get locked out of your car for numerous reasons, not only due to keys. Your central locking system may be malfunctioning, and this can be the reason why you cannot get inside your car. So, every once in a while, it is important to have your locks checked. A professional locksmith can assess the potential risk and offer a solution. Furthermore, your key can get worn out and break inside the lock. In this case, you should also call a professional locksmith. Regular maintenance is going to reduce the risk of car lockout down to a minimum.

A locksmith is repairing a car lock


Download the OnStar App to your phone

If you are prone to losing keys, you don`t like the idea of regularly servicing your car locks and keys, and simply often get locked out of your car, there is a solution. You can download the OnStar App on your phone, and have your car unlocked from there. It is super convenient if you are often getting locked out of your car, but can be pricey if this does not happen to you, as you must pay for the app monthly. However, this is an app that will help you save your peace of mind, especially if you got locked out at night, in an unfamiliar area.

Have a professional locksmith number on your phone

Sometimes, even after all precaution measures are applied, the lockout still happens. This is not a time to panic, or feel overwhelmed. As we already mentioned you are only a phone call away from a reliable locksmith service. This is why it is important to have a professional locksmith number on your phone so that you don`t have to waste time searching for the right locksmith. Also, it is wise to research locksmiths in advance so that you can avoid having rogue professionals come and lock you out. You need a reliable, professional, skilled, and experienced locksmith that won`t waste your time and money.

A man is phoning a car locksmith

Check whether all the doors are locked out, including the trunk

Again, if the lockout happens, calmly check whether all of the doors are locked out. With the older models, the lockout is only applicable to the driver`s door, which is not quite safe, but it is convenient in this situation. Check out the trunk of your car as well, and see if you can access the front part of the car through the trunk. If it is not possible, call the locksmith service instead.

Check whether your keys are in the back of your pocket

How many times did you think your car got locked out when your keys were actually in your pocket? Before assuming the worst, it is important to check whether the keys are not in your hand, your purse, or your pockets. Patience is truly a virtue, and it takes only a few seconds to check whether all the entrances to the car are locked out and whether your keys are actually outside the car.

Avoiding car lockout is pretty important, as it will save you a lot of stress. But, remember it can happen to anyone, and with the safety tips from Locksmith Now, there is no reason to stress out at all. Good luck!

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