If you are experiencing any of the following problems related to the security options of your place, then you should contact now!

Suppose any of the problems mentioned above occur, then opt-in and choose our 24-hour locksmith services to you by Locksmith Now. For residents of Texas, head over to our website and click on the locksmith near me option, which will provide us with your proximity, and we will dispatch a technician to your place as soon as you confirm.

Residential Locksmith

We provide residential locksmith services for Texas residents. Our flawless service is swift and hassle-free. Contact us in case you require a locksmith service to get your commercial lockout situation undone. With state-of-the-art locksmith equipment provided to our technicians by Locksmith Now, they will rectify your lockout situations in no time.

Commercial Lockout

Round the clock Commercial lockout service available for Texas residents by Locksmith Now, TX. House lockout is a scenario that can occur at any time of the day, and it is a frustrating haul if it happens at night. But, do not worry, because we at Locksmith Now TX got you covered for 24-Hours with our day to night locksmith services available for our clients; with our technicians on stand-by, we are ready to help.

Vehicle/Car Lockout

Forgot your keys inside the car and locked them? Well, the day can not be any worse. Standing aside without any entry, you will not gain access unless you get a duplicate key for the lock. People panic out and break through the windows in order to get their keys back and gain entry, not knowing that the window substitution will cost much. Instead of taking such risks, it is better to invest in a reliable Locksmith service provider. With a technician at your place, you will get quick entry via our service provider, and you will also save some money.

Ignition key

If your key got stuck and broke in the ignition framework, do not panic out try to apply force, instead of calm down and call for our experienced locksmith technician who will get your broken or stuck ignition key out of the faulty framework. He will also provide you with a new, duplicated one so you can continue with your day.

Mailbox Lockout

If your mailbox gets locked out and the key is not available, call the professionalists at Locksmith Now Tx, and get your mailbox unlocked and continue with your day. With our adept technicians and the cutting-edge locksmith tools and hardware provided to them, they will get your mailbox opened in a minute.

Garage Lockout

Got your garage door locked? Is the security lock faulty? At Locksmith Now Tx, we treat every type of lock ever made with such precision and focus that you will stare with awe. Garage door locks fixing, repairing, and picking service available in Texas for residents. Contact us at Locksmith Now Tx and get your problem solved.

Broken key

Broken keys are a mess; they cause a lot of hassle and disturbance. A key, once broken, will render your lock unusable. But worry not, be it a key to residence or office door, mailbox key, garage key, or vehicle key; we at Locksmith Now Tx got your back with our swift replacement & duplication services provided to Texas residents.

Stuck key

If your key got stuck in its respective lock and the lock is not working, do not worry. We, at Locksmith Now, Tx got your back with our state of the art locksmith equipment, which will get your stuck key out and will render your lock usable.

All of the above-mentioned services are available for Texas residents. Our locksmiths are available round the clock to provide with the best hassle free key smith service so that you attain the peace of mind that you long for.

How long will it take to get to my place?

 The amount of time required to get to your place is dependent on your proximity. If you reside somewhere near, our emergency technician team will be dispatched over to your site within 10-15 mins. Also, bear in mind that factors like traffic, weather, and workload are also notable.

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