Benefits of Having a Spare Key

In a perfect world, burglaries don`t happen and the world is a safe place for everyone. But since this is not the case, you need as many security measures as you can to protect your privacy. When you are in your home, you should feel completely safe. In case you lose your key and you are unable to reach your home or car, your security is endangered. Luckily, with a spare key, you can avoid all the frustration, expensive costs, and enter your home or car in no time. We give you the list of benefits of having a spare key in case you haven`t already made a copy.

A Spare Key Benefits - A Concept - Hands Hold a Keys to the House

Having a spare key is great as a backup option

As we already mentioned, it becomes easy to enter your home with a spare key. Yes, we are responsible adults and we know that we should not lose the keys to our home, but it happens anyway. A hectic lifestyle, a wandering mind, or simply a mishap can all lead to losing your keys. Not only this, but you can break your keys, usually after years of usage. In this case, having a spare key that will help you enter your home is a life savior. Then you will be able to think about finding the lost key or repairing the broken one in peace and the safety of your home.

No more lockouts

Not having a key to your home can easily lead to stress and frustration. Bad weather, safety hazards, or if you are simply exhausted are enough to ruin your day when you are unable to enter your home. It is only when you stand in front of your house feeling completely helpless that you realize the true benefits of having a spare key. In that case, all of your troubles are gone, or at least postponed. You can take the spare key, enter your home, and think how great it is that a problem of a lockout has been solved in such a painless way.

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Having a spare key saves you both time and money

Once you find out that you have been locked out of your home, you need to call a locksmith. A professional locksmith will be there as soon as possible and will help you solve the issue. However, since they need to come right away, make a copy of the key, and fix the issue, you can expect a pricey bill at the end. Of course, there will be situations when you have to replace everything if you lost your keys for example, but you will save precious time at least. And in the case of broken keys, it will be much easier to simply make a copy and save money. Having a spare key is always a great option.

It is harder to break your keys with a spare key

When you have a spare key you can switch between the original and the spare one in no time. The result? Your keys won`t get damaged, and you will be able to use them for years to come. Put it on your to-do list to switch between keys at least monthly, or yearly. Your keys will not get damaged, instead, you will prolong their life. This alone saves you time and time, as you will avoid the inevitable damage to your keys.

Multiple Spare Keys

Easy access for family, guests, or service-providers

When you start planning your holiday, the first question that pops up in your mind is who will take care of your plants, and pets. The answer usually boils down to a family member or a friend. The easiest way for them to enter your home is to have a spare key. Additionally, if you are renting your home, or an apartment it is convenient to give the guests your spare key that they could use. Finally, if you have someone clean your house, mown your lawn, repair something inside, or do anything else, it is great to give them your spare key so that you don`t have to get out of work. This is especially convenient if you are having your house renovated, and you are staying somewhere else at the time.

How many copies of your key should you have?

Just because there are so many benefits of having a spare key, this does not mean that you should make a lot of copies. One spare key per two people in the household is enough. This means that one or two spare keys will be enough that you experience all the benefits. If you have too many spare keys, chances are you won`t be able to account for them all after some time, which can pose a security threat to your home. In case you have to give a spare key to your friends and family members, make sure they are reliable people.

A Locksmith Does a Key Duplication

Where should you keep your spare key?

Another important topic is where you should keep your spare key. The most convenient places are the dog house and the birdhouse. The dog house is by itself a deterrent from intruders, so this makes for a perfect hiding place. On the other hand, a birdhouse is not easily seen and is up high so nobody will remember to look up there. You can also always leave your spare key with a neighbor, just as long as you can completely trust them. Another great spot is to hide your spare key inside the fake sprinkler. Finally, your car is also a safe place for a spare key.

Where you should not keep your spare key?

Leaving your spare key under a fake rock in front of your home is simply inviting burglars into your home. If you leave your spare key under the doormat or the flowerpot, you are not on the right track as well. There are better solutions as we have seen. Having a spare key is only beneficial if you are aware of their existence, and other people are not. So, if you face any issues with your spare keys, or you need any help with your house, office, or car locks & keys, contact your reliable Dallas locksmith service. Good luck!

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