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Based in San Antonio locksmith now currently have close to 48 technicians spread all over the city and cover close to 70% of all locksmith jobs in San Antonio, in order to be able to reach any client at any given time with a 10-15 minutes arrival time, we work with our own in house technician and also sub-contractor that is licensed and insured by us, each one of our technicians is trained in our facility and work under the company rules and of course Texas rules, at locksmith now we invest a lot of time and money to train our employees and educate them about the locksmith in San Antonio business from A -Z 

We work with all the major locks brands and attend monthly workshops and online courses to be updated with the new technology that released into the market almost daily. Now you find our services on this search activity Locksmith in San Antonio

Our technician specializes in the following:

Residential CommercialAutomotive Heavy-Duty locks – electronic entry systems – emergency lockouts and much more, 

In this blog, we will try to elaborate a little about each of the subjects listed above.


Most homes in the United States carry the same types of security more or less, sure some people go a little further choosing electronic systems, cameras, alarm systems, custom made locks, etc but your average home uses deadbolts and doorknobs and in all honestly those types of locks if you choose a good brand do the job more often then not, very common brands in the USA today are Kwikset Schlage, Baldwin, Yale, and master lock 

There are of course many more but those are the more common brands we see daily at our jobs when we go out on calls.

Most of our calls are either emergency lockouts, house rekey, fresh installation or lock change

Ill go over each one briefly  For Locksmith In San Antonio

Emergency lockouts:

Sometimes clients forget their keys, or just lose them in other cases they stepped outside and the door slammed or in more rare cases the key broke inside the lock, in all of this scenario our technician will arrive at the house, look at the lock to determine which mechanism this locks have and pick it, picking can take few minutes to an experienced locksmith but sometimes longer if the lock is old or just stubborn.. in rare occasions like when a key broke inside the technician will not be able to reach the inside and will have to drill the lock out and replace it with a new one.

Locks rekey:

Usually happens when people are moving into a new home and for security purposes wants to have a new key, or prevent from an old key holder to get in, in this situation the technician will take out the locks and take it apart to extract the core, inside the core, he will find the pins that are used to lock and unlock and discard them, by entering a new key with different cuts numbers and matching pins he basically changes the heights of the pins so it will be matched to the cuts of the new keys and won’t work on the old, this way we can achieve a new key for an old lock, pretty useful method if you don’t want to spend too much money on replacing your entire locks around the house.

Fresh installation 

A fresh installation is taking place usually when someone wants to increase security like adding a deadbolt to his/her garage door that leads to the house or maybe add it to an interior door that cannot be locked, those are the main reason we see people do a fresh installation, the other one which comes not often is when the client purchase a custom made lock or heavy-duty lock that the size is bigger than the normal size doors usually have, in this cases we create a hole and expand it with special tools we use until we match the size to the locks, there is some risks in doing that and you have to be extra careful but here at locksmith now we do this on a daily basis so you can rest your mind and relax.

Locks change

As it sounds, sometimes when moving to a new home people want to replace everything to get the “new” feeling, very common and understandable, in other cases the client have his own custom made design, or sometimes the locks are just to old and barely work, whatever the case is locksmith now is able to assist you 

Commercial Locksmith San Antonio

The world of commercial locks is by far the most interesting aspect  in our business, it contain hundreds if not thousands of commercial types of locks and security systems, from deadbolts to mortise cylinder all the way to push bars and electronic entry systems, the variety is Hugh and working on this types of locks is always a challenge, 

Being a commercial locksmith in San Antonio is extremely exciting, many businesses located here are using a very sophisticated type of locks and protection methods.

Here are 5 key benefit as to why use a high security lock:

  • High-security door lock system benefits reduce costs in the long run
  • High-security door lock system can be customized to meet your needs
  • Rekeyable locks allow you to immediately reset locks
  • Track serialized keys with cloud-based key tracking software 
  • High-security door lock system ensures security 

How To Choose security System

What you choose to use a security system in your store should not be based on the more “familiar” brands, remember there is always a factor of simply good marketing, this is not a popularity contest, when it comes to your business security you want to choose the brand that fits your needs, besides many of the “brands” are actually manufacture by one company, a good commercial locksmith in san Antonio before suggesting anything will do what we call a walk through, look at the windows, doors, dead areas and different vulnerabilities, while a good lock is always recommended you might need to strengthen your windows or adding hinges to the door, in other cases using a surveillance cameras for your dead areas, the options are many but this can only be determine by doing the necessary checking before you run to your nearest locksmith store and buy a heavy duty lock,

Once a commercial locksmith arrives at your place of business you need to make sure he has the knowledge and experience you need, this matter should not be taken lightly. 

Commercial Locksmith Actually Do…

One way to check it is to see if he actually doing the walk through mentioned above, furthermore  a good commercial locksmith will be able to offer you at least 3 good option to protect your business, this shows you that he is familiar with multiple systems and not using a one size fits all approach, lastly a good commercial locksmith have to know hot to work with your budget and maximize the security accordingly, that being said of course the budget needs to be realistically for a commercial locks.

Do not make the mistake of thinking that a big lock looks intimidating for a burglar, almost all locks can be picked! Your goal is to make this job so hard that its going to be riskier and long lasting to achieve then impossible.

Call a professional locksmith in San Antonio, do the research, get what best for your needs.

Automotive services

Locksmith now san Antonio also preform all car keys services on the client’s location without the need to tow the car to a dealer pay ridiculously high prices and lose a day’s work.

Our Experienced Team

Our team is trained to work on all cars, read codes with a lishi tool, read cuts and depths and program the key/fob/or remote using a portable computer that attaches to the car operating system.

Our tools is the most advanced in the market today which allows us to get the job done fast and efficient, there is no need to rely on key codes bought from different companies online that sometimes are down or simply don’t carry the specific code we need, we are capable to extract all the information from the car using advanced tools we carry.

Affordable Prices

This method of work, saves not only time but a great deal of money, information like codes and cuts can go from 45 to 150 dollars per car, depending on the car year make and model, also in cases that the ignition was replaced the key will only open the door, so a professional locksmith will have to know how to read the wifers inside the new ignition, this requires lots of training and skills also the right tools.

When calling for a locksmith on car keys related issues, its critical to know who you’re dealing with, an unexperienced locksmith can easily damage the inside mechanism of the door lock or even worst, the ignition. those parts are extremely delicate and fragile, a small “tap” without knowing the exact location can damage the wifer and then no key will be able to enter, you’ll need to replace the ignition.

All of locksmith now san Antonio technician work months and months on cars before they are allowed to work on a client’s car, and even then they only go out with an experienced locksmith that guide them through the steps until they can do it blindly, so know if you called locksmith now the technician that came to you is highly trained and have the skills and experience to do this job.

Put your mind at ease, you are dealing with a professional Locksmith Services.

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