Here Solutions About Lock Change And rekey

If you ever lose your key somewhere or in case it gets stolen, then your property comes under immediate threat. You definitely need to do something to secure your property from the threats. You certainly have two options that can help you secure your house or office or any other property that you own. The first option is that you change the lock entirely, and the second option is that you make another key for it. 


Difference between lock change and rekey:

Both options have several advantages and a few disadvantages. In this article, you will learn about some of these aspects of lock changing and rekeying and when exactly to go for a specific option. 

Rekeying locks:

First, let’s look into the rekeying option in detail. So, under what circumstances should you be going for the rekeying of your lock? 

If you are running a business or organization and you own an office or building that has a lot of staff members working in it. Then, you would provide the staff members the keys of the locks so they can access the building and do their respective jobs. However, if an employee decides to resign and quits the job, it is possible that he might hold a grudge against your business. It has created a counterfeit of the keys you previously provided them. In that case, they would easily gain access to your workplace and steal any valuable goods or commit some serious criminal damage that would cost you a lot. 

So, in the case the first thing you should ask somebody that ‘Is there any professional locksmith near me ’? Call a highly skillful and professional locksmith the very first day an employee quits their job. And, then ask the locksmith to rekey your lock and make a new key for it. Now the locksmith would delicately remove the old springs and pins from your lock. He will install new pins and springs with a different arrangement and make a new key for that lock. 

So now you can sleep without worrying about the security of your property. Now, if that ex-employee comes in, he would get happy to see that the old lock is still there, and when he would insert the key, it wouldn’t work, and your business will be safe.

Professional Locksmith

Another situation that might ask you to get your lock rekeyed immediately is if the key gets lost. Anyone could find the lost key and gain access to your workplace. So again, the best option for you is to rekey your lock by calling a professional locksmith and get rid of tension. 

Some locks can get rekeyed easily. You just need to have a step-change key and insert it in the lock and rotate its 180 degrees, and the lock gets a whole new configuration. In that case, all the other and previous keys don’t work anymore for that lock. So, if you own any of those kinds of locks, then it’s probably the best option to rekey them this way. It will spare you the cost of calling a locksmith and save a lot of your time. 

Lock change:

Now let’s see when you need to change the lock entirely. First, if your lock has gone pretty old or worn out and you feel a need to change the entire hardware and install a new type of lock system. Maybe a new technology, then you would ask the same question again; is there a locksmith in my area

Call a highly skilled and experienced as well as well-reputed and trustworthy locksmith or technician who can replace the whole hardware of your lock system. Sometimes the lock gets too rusty from inside by continuous use in a moist environment then it loses the capability to be rekeyed. In that case, the best option for you is again to get the entire lock replaced. Sometimes you might feel a need to upgrade your security system to a new modern standard. Maybe you want a digital system installed or any other type of security system that includes an alarm in case the lock gets broken or something like that, then, in that case, you want the replacement of the lock again. 

Car Key Replacement

What if you lost your car keys and now you start to wonder that is there a car key replacement near me ? You surely don’t want the entire door lock to be changed so here you would want to rekey your car’s lock. So, it depends on what type of situation you’re in and what might benefit you the most in terms of saving money and saving time. 

If you’re wondering about which of these two choices will cost you less then it’s definitely the rekeying option. Rekeying will involve the payment to the locksmith and demand some time, but that still does not outweigh the cost of buying a whole new lock and its keys. 

Safe Locksmith Advice’s

In the end, here is a piece of essential advice to you in case you fall into one of those situations in which you need to either change the lock or rekey it. When you look for a locksmith, make sure that the locksmith has a very good reputation of being trustworthy and has no criminal record at all. Locksmiths initiate most of the thefts because they make the keys of the locks. So, they have the data of every key they make and might create several copies and sell them to criminals. 

Besides ensuring the character and criminal record of the locksmith, you must make sure that you are calling a highly professional and skilled locksmith because if you call an amateur, then he might just not rekey it perfectly. Your lock becomes useless and gets unlocked by any key of that shape. So always call a professional for the job and make sure that your lock only gets opened by your key and not any other key of that shape. There are a lot of 24-hr locksmiths Dallas services, so never hesitate to make that phone call. As these professionals can get you out of any trouble in no time. 

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