6 Types of Commercial Door Locks

There are different types of commercial door locks available. They include magnetic locks, commercial strike, keyless entry, restricted key systems, door closers, and master key systems.

As always, each type has its own advantages and disadvantages. So, it can get quite tricky for you to decide which one would suit your needs best.

There are a couple of factors to help you decide depending on the type of your business and the level of security you want to achieve.

So, if you are planning on getting commercial door locks and aren`t sure what each type represents, please read the following text.

Modern Commercial Door Locks - A Concept


What are Commercial Door Locks?

Luckily, door locks are made in a couple of variants. Each type has a different level of reliability and security. Every type has its own cost, durability, and level of strength. Knowing about these features will help you decide which type suits your needs and preferences best.

Commercial door locks are powered by electrics allowing you to simply buzz the visitors in. You can install them with interferon or a doorbell system, meaning that the visitors should be announced before you can let them in.


Grade one locks can withstand more than a million open and closes. Grade two or grade three locks provide eight hundred thousand times of open and closes.


As we already mentioned, there are six types of commercial door locks. These are magnetic locks, commercial strike, keyless entry, restricted key systems, master key systems, and door closers.

1. Magnetic Locks

Magnetic locks are also known as electromagnetic locks and rely on a special mechanism in order to secure doors.

Compared to traditional locks with a specific part (called the latch) extending into the door frame and locking the door, magnetic locks don’t work on this mechanism.

Magnetic locks are composed of an armature plate and an electromagnet.

The electromagnet part uses electricity to produce a powerful magnetic field. You can control the magnet by turning on and off the electricity supply.

There is a wide range of electromagnetic locks available on the market, depending on the purpose you plan on using them for.

The advantages of using magnetic locks:

  • Very easy to install
  • High Durability
  • User Friendly
  • High security and reliability


2. Keyless Entry

The keyless entry is quite self-explanatory since individuals don’t need a key to enter. However, they certainly need the security number or the passcode. The purpose of using a keyless entry is remotely locking, unlocking without physically doing the job.

A Keyless Entry System


3. Commercial Strike

Commercial strike locks are also powered by electrics, where your visitors use a buzz to inform you they’re on the door. It is usually installed with a ring or an intercom.

Commercial strike locks are doctor’s offices, daycare centers, and law arms.

This safety mechanism is used to keep the employees safe and make sure you know whos coming in.


4. The Restricted Key Systems

The Restricted Key Systems are highly secure and reliable because there is a limited number of times an authorized individual can copy the keys.


5. Door Closers

Door closer installation will significantly improve your security. These are very plain and work on a simple principle. They close the door automatically when someone enters. These locks are perfect for commercial buildings.

A Door Closer


6. The Master Key System

The master key system is unique because it has an authorization of specific access to specific areas inside the building. Additionally, the master key system records all the entries to a specific area.

Why Use High-Security Locks?


High-security locks are difficult to tamper with as long as you hire a reliable locksmith to install them. Obviously, that makes burglaries almost impossible. Having high-security locks is a must if you keep valuables in the building. Also, some firms own very expensive technology and inventory, and if that’s the case, we strictly recommend getting a secure lock system.


Remote Monitoring

If you are a very busy entrepreneur, the chance is there isn’t enough time in one day to monitor every door in your building. Using high-security locks will provide you the option to unlock and monitor the building from a distance.

You can even monitor the workplace from your smartphone or computer.

Additionally, if someone wants to break in, you’ll receive the alarm and have enough time to prevent burglaries.

Smart Locks Monitor On The Phone



One of the main benefits of installing high-security locks is you’ll have maximum control of who and when enters your business venue. Also, you’ll have specific data on who enters restricted areas. Additionally, you can even grant or deny access. If this is the main reason you want to install high-security locks, keep in mind it would be best to install a master key system. You can use the master key system business but also in your home too.


No Key Copying

Today, it’s very easy to duplicate keys if we’re talking about traditional locks, which can present quite a problem, especially when it comes to breakages and theft.

You can take care of this problem in no time with high-security locks since their keys have a unique design that nobody can duplicate.

The unique patented design implies maximum security, meaning that only licensed locksmiths can duplicate the keys.

Hiring a Professional Locksmith

Now, if you read about every type of commercial door lock and the reasons why you should decide to install them, it’s time to make a decision. Those that decide that commercial locks are worth it should definitely hire professional Dallas locksmith service to help.

Since the market is huge, make sure you hire a reliable and trustworthy commercial locksmith service.

We recommend going thru customer reviews just to make sure the locksmith service of your choice is competent to work with.

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